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You’re My Pride And Joy

Luke 3:21-22
One day Jesus came to be baptized
along with all the others.
As he was consumed
with the spirit of prayer,
the heavenly realm
ripped open above him
and the Holy Spirit
descended from heaven
in the visible, tangible form of a dove
and landed on him.
Then God’s audible voice
was heard, saying,
“You are my Son,
the pride of my life,
and in you I take great joy.”


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Pirates Beach
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Fall 2019

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Johnny Boy
Track 7 on Twenty One Pilots
Get up, Johnny Boy
Get up, Johnny Boy

Get up, ’cause the world has left you lying
on the ground

You’re my pride and joy
You’re my pride and joy

The Gospel According to Twenty One Pilots


The Good News according to Jesus (& tøp)
is that we’ve each been given the power
to “change the way we think.”
On the day of Jesus’ baptism,
God’s voice is heard from heaven shouting,
“That’s my son! That’s my boy! Way to go!”
Because that’s how God speaks to his children.
He affirms them.
He encourages them.
He lifts them up and declares to the world,
“This one right here… this one is mine!”
That’s how he spoke to Jesus.
That’s how he’ll speak to you.

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