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We Stand

Philippians 1:27
Stand united,
with a singular vision,
working together
for people’s trust
in the Good News.


1.  What does this verse say about who God is?

2.  What does it say about who God created you to be?

3.  Create an iWill Statement that turns your discovery into action.


Mission Statement
We stand with Guyana and her people.
We are proud of this beautiful country,
and together, we are committed
to being respectful of this land and culture.
We aim to be good stewards.
We aim to honour.
We aim to respect.


Kaieteur Falls

Guyana, Essequibo
Fall 2023
Art By: Cyrille Tenet

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  1. Nomad on April 13, 2024 at 2:18 pm

    God, We stand united with this singular vision to honour you in all we do…We recognize the mission to go and make disciples is about Us living out a worthy LIFE…and letting you use Us for good…however you want to orchestrate this…even if we never get to see, hear, or feel the the Impact…because, as the senior partner in the Holy Trinity, it is your game…it is to glorify your name…it is for your fame…and so We will not be frightened…because you will be not be moved…Amen

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