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Waiting Works

Romans 8:24-25
does not diminish us,
any more than waiting
diminishes a pregnant mother.
For we grow in the waiting.
We, of course,
don’t see what is growing us.
But the longer we wait,
the more we grow.


Monarch Chrysalis

Spring, Texas
WoodsEdge Church
Spring 2019

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A friend brought butterflies
to work this week and I watched one
break free of its cocoon.
Butterflies are beautiful.
Butterflies are hopeful.
Butterflies are universal symbols of change.
Yet we forget the intense, uncomfortable,
and crushing pressure that’s required
to bring a butterfly to its final form.
I must confess,
I have been like that with my faith.
Too often focusing on the Crown,
but forgetting the Cross.
Father, thank you for my suffering.
I would not be who I am
without it.

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