To Live Right

I can’t wait to hear what God will say.
He’s about to pronounce His people well,
the holy people He loves so much,
so they’ll never again live like fools.
Let them not abuse this gift
by returning to their foolish ways.
Without a doubt,
His salvation is near to those
who revere Him.
His glory will fill our land.
Love and truth will meet in the street.
Right living and whole living
will embrace and kiss.
Then truth will spring from the earth
and justice will pour down from the sky.
God gives goodness and beauty,
and our land will respond
with bounty and blessings.
Remember: Right living heralds God,
preparing the way for His steps.
Psalm 85:8-13


The Woodlands, Texas
Meadow Rue
Battered Cross Over Beaten Metal
Summer 2019

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