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This Is Worship

1 Corinthians 14:26
Brothers and sisters,
God is here among you.
When you come together,
each person
has a vital role
because each person
has gifts.
One person might have a song,
another a lesson to teach,
still another a revelation from God.
One person might speak
in an unknown language,
another will offer the interpretation.
All of this should be done
to strengthen the life and faith
of the community.


He Is Risen

Conroe, Texas
Burnt Biscuit Ranch
St. Joseph Sunday Missal, c1966
Fall 2011

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Begin by having each participant
spend time alone with the Lord
(10-20 minutes).
•  Grab a Bible, pen, and paper.
•  Ask God what he wants to say
to you / your house church.
•  If a particular Scripture
or book of the bible comes to mind,
read that. If not, open your bible
by faith and read until something
speaks to your heart.
•  Write your response to what God
is saying.
Gather everyone together
after their prayer time.
•  Invite each person to share
which Scripture/s spoke to them.
•  Invite each person to share
what they feel God is saying
to them / the church.
•  After each person shares, have
someone pray for them / the church.
As participants share, discern if a
common theme 
is emerging.
•  Pray together about the
common theme.
•  Sing songs that feel appropriate
to the theme.
•  Ask God if there is an action he is
calling the group to take.
Below are examples of additional
activities that may 
be added to this
type of gathering.
•  Take communion together.
•  Take turns confessing sin.
•  Take turns asking Jesus to meet
certain needs.
•  Take turns telling Jesus what you
are thankful for.
•  Share testimonies.
•  Encourage and/or affirm one another.
•  Pray for your families, church,
neighbors, etc.
• Pray through a Psalm or Scripture
together, line by line
• Pray for healing
• Etc.
Below are a few things we’ve learned
facilitating worship in this fashion
that may help you…
• Encourage participants to be bold
if they feel led to speak
• Encourage participants to be
comfortable if there are periods
of silence
• Encourage participants to be sensitive
that they’re not always the one speaking
• Participants are welcome to journal
or draw during the gathering
• If your gathering doesn’t have
a worship leader, be encouraged to
sing songs using iTunes, Spotify, etc.
• If participants don’t know a song,
they can find lyrics via Google
• If some participants aren’t comfortable
singing out loud at first, encourage them
to simply pray the lyrics
• Always begin and end with prayer.

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