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This Is Wisdom

Ecclesiastes 8:15-17
I heartily recommend
that you pursue joy,
for the best a person can do
under the sun is to enjoy life.
Eat, drink, and be happy.
If this is your attitude,
joy will carry you
through all the hard work
God gives us under the sun.
In my search for wisdom
and in my observation
of people’s burdens here on earth,
I discovered that there is
ceaseless activity, day and night.
I saw all the works
and ways of God,
and it became clear to me
that no one is able to fully grasp
this mystery called life.


Albert Einstein
Jerusalem, Israel
Mahane Yehuda Market
Winter 2019
Art By:  Solomon Souza

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1. Write the section of Scripture
that speaks to you most.

2. Write about some of your favorite
things to do.

3. Write about some of your favorite
things to eat.

4. Write a prayer of thanks to God
good times and good food.

5. Do something fun today,
and make something 
you love to eat.

This prayer card features
a beautiful piece of street art
by Solomon Souza.
I captured this image
in the markets of Jerusalem
and I immediately fell in love
with this funky take
on an iconic portrait of Albert Einstein.
Einstein, who was born in Ulm,
Germany (go Ulmer’s!) was not only
famous for being crazy smart,
but for knowing what it means to
enjoy life, have fun, and to not
take oneself too seriously.

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