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They’re Calling For Your Name

Revelation 20:4
…in my vision
I saw thrones,
and the people sitting on them
had been given the authority
to judge.
And I saw the souls of those
who had been beheaded
for their testimony
about Jesus
and for proclaiming
the word of God.
They had refused to worship
the beast or his statue,
nor accept his mark
on their foreheads
or their hands.
They all came to life again,
and they reigned with Christ
for a thousand years…


Spanish Steel
The Woodlands, Texas
Meadow Rue House
Twenty One Pilots Gallery
Summer 2018

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Track 4 on Trench
If there comes a day
People posted up at the end of your driveway
They’re callin’ for your head
and they’re callin’ for your name

I’ll bomb down on ’em,
I’m comin’ through

The Gospel According to Twenty One Pilots

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