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Take This Moment

Isaiah 25:7-9
The Lord will remove
the cloud of gloom,
the shadow of death
that hangs over the earth.
He will swallow up death forever!
The Sovereign Lord
will wipe away all tears.
He will remove forever
all insults and mockery
against his land and people.
The Lord has spoken!
In that day
the people will proclaim,
“This is our God!
We trusted in him, and he saved us!
This is the Lord,
in whom we trusted.
Let us rejoice
in the salvation he brings!”


License Plate Art
The Woodlands, Texas
Meadow Rue House
Twenty One Pilots Gallery
Summer 2019

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Message Man
Track 11 on Blurryface
I’m wanted and on the run
I’m wanted and on the run
So I’m takin’ this moment
to live in the future

The Gospel According to Twenty One Pilots

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