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Speak Truth In Love

Ephesians 4:11-15
These are the gifts
Christ gave us:
the apostles,
the prophets,
the evangelists,
and the pastors
and teachers.
Their responsibility
is to equip God’s people
to do his work
and build up the church,
the body of Christ.
This will continue until we all come
to such unity in our faith
and knowledge of God’s Son
that we will be mature in the Lord,
measuring up to the full standard
of Christ.
Then we will no longer be immature
like children.
We won’t be tossed
and blown about
by every wind of new teaching.
We will not be influenced
when people try to trick us
with lies so clever
they sound like the truth.
we will speak the truth
in love.


Saint With Cross
Houston, Texas
Glenwood Cemetery
Date N/A

Three Question Devotional

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1. What does this verse say to you about who God is? 2. What does this verse say to you about who God created you to be? 3. Declare an iWill Statement that turns your discovery into action.

God bless you, friend.