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Show Deep Love

1 Peter 4:4-9
Your former friends
are surprised
when you no longer plunge
into the flood
of wild
and destructive things they do.
So they slander you.
But remember
that they will have to face God,
who stands ready
to judge everyone,
both the living and the dead.
That is why the Good News
was preached
to those who are now dead —
so although they were destined
to die like all people,
they now live forever
with God in the Spirit.
The end of the world
is coming soon.
be earnest
and disciplined in your prayers.
Most important of all,
continue to show
deep love for one another,
for love
covers a multitude of sins.


Street Corner Stencil
Cuenca, Ecuador
City Street Graffiti
Summer 2010

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