The 3rd Verb Of Discipleship

My beloved had a vineyard
on a rich and fertile hill.
He protected the land,
REMOVED its stones,
and planted it with the best vines.
In the middle of the vineyard
he built a watchtower
and carved a winepress
in the nearby rocks.
Then he waited
for a harvest of sweet grapes.
Isaiah 5:1-2


REMOVING The Stones:
What’s That Mean?

After securing and protecting our
vineyard, our next step is to prepare
the soil for receiving the best seed.
But, good seeds won’t grow
if the ground is full of stones.
Therefore, we must do the work of
removing any stones that would
hinder our planting.


an Act of Discipleship?

In order for God’s love
and his Word to take root in us,
we must learn how to recognize
and remove the burdensome stones
of our ugly emotions, bad behavior,
and false beliefs that may be
hiding in our hearts.
We do this by asking ourselves,
“Where am I missing the mark
for God’s best in my life?
What’s holding me back
from taking that next step of faith?
Am I struggling with any
unforgiveness, habitual sin,
substance abuse, etc?
Am I believing lies about
who I am, or who God is?”
Learning how to recognize
and remove these negative ideas
and behaviors is vital to
enjoying God’s love
and obeying his commands.


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