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Passing Shadows

1 Chronicles 29:12-15
Wealth and honor
come from you alone,
for you rule over everything.
Power and might are in your hand,
and at your discretion
people are made great
and given strength.
O our God,
we thank you
and praise your glorious name!
But who am I,
and who are my people,
that we could give
to you?
Everything we have
has come from you,
and we give you only
what you first gave us!
We are here
for only a moment,
visitors and strangers in the land
as our ancestors were before us.
Our days on earth
are like a passing shadow,
gone so soon without a trace.


Passing Shadows
Graphic Art
Cassell’s Illustrated Bible, c1870
Wood Block Engraving
Winter 2014

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