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Make A Break For It

Deuteronomy 30:19-20
I have given you the choice
between life and death,
between blessings and curses.
Now I call on heaven and earth
to witness the choice you make.
Oh, that you would choose life,
so that you
and your descendants
might live!
You can make this choice
by loving the Lord your God,
obeying him,
and committing yourself
firmly to him.
This is the key to your life.
And if you love
and obey the Lord,
you will live long in the land
the Lord swore
to give your ancestors.


Seagulls At Dawn
Galveston, Texas
Pirates Beach
Spring 2018

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Nico And the Niners
Track 9 on Trench
What I say when I want to be enough
What a beautiful day for making a break for it
We’ll find a way to pay for it

The Gospel According to Twenty One Pilots

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