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To Live A Life Of Inspiration

Faith shows the reality
of what we hope for;
it is the evidence
of things we cannot see.
Through their faith, 
the people in days of old 
earned a good reputation.
By faith we understand
that the entire universe
was formed at God’s command,
that what we now see did not come
from anything that can be seen.
It was by faith that Abel brought
a more acceptable offering to God
than Cain did.
Abel’s offering gave evidence
that he was a righteous man,
and God showed his approval
of his gifts.
Although Abel is long dead,
he still speaks to us
by his example of faith.
Hebrews 11:1-4


Graffiti By: William Walker, 1972
Chicago, Illinois
617 W. Evergreen Avenue
Northside Stranger’s Home
Spring 2012
“Faith is acting like it is so…
Even when it is not so…
In order that it might be so…
Simply because God said so.”
~Dr. Tony Evans

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