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Lean On My Pride

Romans 12:9-12
Love others well,
and don’t hide behind a mask;
love authentically.
Despise evil;
pursue what is good
as if your life depends on it.
Live in true devotion to one another,
loving each other
as sisters and brothers.
Be first to honor others
by putting them first.
Do not slack
in your faithfulness and hard work.
Let your spirit be on fire,
bubbling up and boiling over,
as you serve the Lord.
Do not forget to rejoice,
for hope is always
just around the corner.
Hold up through the hard times
that are coming,
and devote yourselves to prayer.


Freedom 2018
The Woodlands, Texas
WoodsEdge Student Ministry
Twenty One Pilots Gallery
Winter 2018

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Cut My Lip
Track 10 on Trench
I don’t mind at all, lean on my pride
Lean on my pride, I’m a lion

The Gospel According to Twenty One Pilots

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