To Know The Secret

Suddenly the earth reeled
and rocked under their feet
as God’s angel
came down from heaven;
came right up to them.
He rolled back the stone
and then sat on it.
Shafts of lightning blazed from him.
His garments shimmered snow-white.
The soldiers guarding the tomb
were terrified.
They froze like stone.
The angel spoke to the women:
“There is nothing to fear here.
I know you’re looking for Jesus,
the One they nailed to the cross.
He is not here.
He was raised from the dead,
just as He said.
Come and see for yourself.”
Matthew 28:2-6


Spring, Texas
WoodsEdge Church
Student Painting from One Night
Fall 2018

The Gospel According to TØP
Twenty One Pilots  //  Trapdoor

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