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In The Name Of Jesus

John 14:11-15
Believe this:
I am in the Father,
and the Father is in Me.
If you can’t believe that,
believe what you see—My works.
The person who trusts me
will not only do what I’m doing
but even greater things,
because I, on my way to the Father,
am giving you the same work to do
that I’ve been doing.
From now on,
whatever you request
along the lines of who I am
and what I am doing,
I’ll do it.
Let Me say it again:
if you ask for anything in My name,
I’ll do it.
Now, if you love Me, show it
by doing what I’ve told you.


Jesus’ Name
Nazareth, Israel
Nazareth Village
Winter 2019

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  1. Nomad on July 8, 2024 at 1:04 pm

    God, we are of You, and for You. God, thank you for these incredible platforms you have us planted in. Platforms with global reach, cutting edge technology, talented people, unparalleled access, and noble purposes that involve bringing humanity back to the workplace and improving the quality of life for others…and yet we know the only competitive advantage that will endure is leadership and teamwork…and we also know that Your Son provides the greatest example of leadership ever…and we know the secret to great teamwork is found in emulating Jesus and abiding in the Holy Spirit that lives in us. And so we accept the challenge of following our passions and making an IMPACT to honor You. Amen

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