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Holding On To You

Psalm 91:14-15
The Lord said to me:
“Because you have
held on to me in love,
I will greatly protect you.
I will set you in a high place,
safe and secure
before my face.
I will answer your cry for help
every time you pray,
and you will find and feel
my presence
even in times of trouble.”


Justin Holding Charlotte
Fall 2015
Twenty One Pilots Gallery
Art By: Andy Szabo

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Holding On To You
Track 2 on Regional At Best
You are surrounding,
all my surroundings
Twisting the kaleidoscope
behind both of my eyes
And I’ll be holding onto you
And I’ll be holding onto you

The Gospel According to Twenty One Pilots


The Good News according to Jesus (& tøp)
is that we’ve all been given the power
to “change the way we think.”
I can’t see this sketch of myself
holding my daughter,
and not consider how God holds us.
It’s a wonderful thing – to be held.
A holy thing. Sacred. Supernatural.
So much comfort comes from holding on;
from being held.
To decide in your heart to cling to something –
that’s what it means to stay alive.
And who better to hold on to,
than the One who holds on to us?

1.   Write out the section of Scripture
that speaks to you most.

2. Write about a time in your life when
being held made a difference.
3. Tell Jesus how you’d like Him to
be heroic for you today.
4. Ask Jesus how you can be heroic
for someone else today
5. Ask Jesus to give you someone
to hold or hug today.

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