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Here Then Gone

James 4:13-17
For those who say,
“Today or tomorrow
we’re going to a certain town
and will stay there a year.
We’ll do business there
and make a profit.”
The reality is you have no idea
where life will take you tomorrow.
Your life is like the morning fog—
it’s here a little while,
then it’s gone.
What you ought to say is,
“If the Lord wants us to,
we hope to do this project
or pursue that dream.”
But your current speech
indicates an arrogance
that does not acknowledge
the God who controls the universe.
This kind of speech
is the epitome of evil.
if you know the right way to live
and ignore it, it is sin—
plain and simple.


Pine Tree At Dawn
Conroe, Texas
Burnt Biscuit Ranch
Winter 2005
“Self-reliance is like standing on fog.”

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