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To Bare Your Soul

James 4:7-10
Let God work his will in you.
Yell a loud “no”
to the Devil
and watch him scamper.
Say a quiet “yes”
to God
and he’ll be there in no time.
Quit dabbling in sin.
Purify your inner life.
Quit playing the field.
Hit bottom,
and cry your eyes out.
The fun and games are over.
Get serious, really serious.
Lay yourself bare,
face to the ground before God;
and he will lift you high
so you can stand again.


Location Unknown
Date Forgotten

I’m heavy, my jumpsuit is on steady
I’m lighter when I’m lower,
I’m higher when I’m heavy, oh

I’m so high, my Jumpsuit takes me so high
I’m flying from a fire,
from Nico and the Niners, oh
The Gospel According to TØP
Trench  //  Nico And The Niners

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