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Gifted With Thought

Philippians 4:8-9
Friends, fill your minds,
meditate, and think
on all that is true and real,
honorable and admirable,
right and respectful,
pure and holy,
merciful and kind.
The best of things, not the worst.
The beautiful, not the ugly.
Things to praise, not things to curse.
Fix your thoughts
on every glorious work of God,
praising him always.
Follow the example
of all that we have imparted to you
and God,
who makes everything work together
will work you
into his most excellent harmonies.


Messy Mind
Galveston, Texas
The Strand
Twenty One Pilots Gallery
Winter 2020
Art By:  @jlopez627

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Holding On To You
Track 2 on Regional At Best
Lean with it, rock with it,
when we gonna stop with it?
Lyrics that mean nothin’,
we were gifted with thought

Is it time to move our feet,
to an introspective beat?

It ain’t the speakers that bump hearts
It’s our hearts that make the beat

The Gospel According to Twenty One Pilots

Three Question Devotional

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1. What does this verse say to you about who God is? 2. What does this verse say to you about who God created you to be? 3. Declare an iWill Statement that turns your discovery into action.

God bless you, friend.