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Disciples Build

2 Peter 1:5-9
Make every effort
to respond to God’s promises.
To achieve this,
add virtue to your faith,
and then add knowledge
to your virtue.
To knowledge, add discipline;
to discipline, add endurance;
to endurance, add godliness;
to godliness, add affection
for others
as sisters and brothers;
and to affection, at last,
add love.
If you possess these qualities
and increase them,
they will keep you
from becoming idle
and unfruitful
in your knowledge
of our Lord Jesus.
But if you fail
to develop in this way
then you will be nearsighted
and blind,
forgetting that your past sins
have been washed away.


Disciples Build
Szabo Sketch
The Vineyard Initiative
Art By:  Andy Szabo

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