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Death Inspires Me

2 Corinthians 7:9-10
Let your distress
drive you closer to God.
Let it turn you around.
Let it get you back
in the way of salvation.
Never regret
that kind of pain.
But those who let distress
drive them away from God
are full of regrets,
they end up on a deathbed
of regrets.


Death Inspires Me
The Woodlands, Texas
Andy Szabo Painting
Winter 2017
Art By: @andyszofficial

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The Gospel According to TØP
Blurryface // Heavydirtysoul

Twenty One Pilots Lyric
Death inspires me
like a dog inspires a rabbit

The Good News according to Jesus (& tøp)
is that we’ve all been given the power
to “change the way we think.”
I think our generation does a good job
of admitting our brokenness,
but not so much
in admitting our need for God.
But, I’m hopeful.
I’m praying
that the hopelessness
of our current reality
(suicide is the 2nd leading
cause of death among teens)
will inevitably inspire us to admit
it’s time to try something new.
Jesus once said,
“Who needs a doctor:
the healthy or the sick?
I came to call not those who think
they are spiritually-fit,
but those who know they are sin-sick.”
Jesus, I’m sick.
Help me stay alive!

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