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Call, Call, Call

Romans 10:12-15
The Lord doesn’t play favorites—
He is Lord over all things,
and He pours out His treasures
on all who call on His name.
As Scripture says,
“Everyone who calls
on the name of the Lord
will be saved.”
But how can people call His name
when they do not believe?
And how can they believe in Him
when they have not heard?
And how can they hear
if there is no one proclaiming Him?
And how can some
give voice to the truth
if they are not sent by God?
As Isaiah said,
“How beautiful the feet
of those who declare the good news
of victory, of peace and liberation.”


Neon Gravestones
“Light Gravestones”
Art By: Simon B

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Neon Gravestones
Track 7 on Trench
Neon gravestones
try to call for my bones 

Call, call, call

The Gospel According to Twenty One Pilots


“What is the life of a Christian
but a life of prayer?
It implies a sense of our
dependence on him,
an entire dedication
of ourselves to him,
and a believing expectation
of our all from him.
He that thus calls upon the Lord
shall be saved.
It is but this:  Ask, and have.”
~Matthew Henry

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