The 5th Verb Of Discipleship

My beloved had a vineyard
on a rich and fertile hill.
He protected the land,
removed its stones,
and planted it with the best vines.
In the middle of the vineyard
he BUILT a watchtower
and carved a winepress
in the nearby rocks.
Then he waited
for a harvest of sweet grapes.
Isaiah 5:1-2


BUILDING A Watchtower:
What’s That Mean?

Maintaining a vineyard in 800 BC
was dangerous work.
You were constantly out
among the elements,
and everything from jackals
to wolves to thieves would try to come
and steal from you, kill you,
and destroy what you accomplished.
As a result, strong, tall watchtowers
would be built from stone
in the middle of the vineyard.
These watchtowers were used
as places to gain understanding
of all that was going on in the vineyard,
and to keep an eye out for danger.
They were also used as a place of rest,
and as a place to meet with God.
In the spiritual life,
the watchtower represents
our personal faith in God.
It’s our place of peace and rest;
our assurance of safety.
It’s where we wait on
and watch for God.


an Act of Discipleship?

Great understanding comes
from looking at life
through the lens of faith.
Great security comes
from believing God’s Word
and doing what it says.
Great peace comes
from knowing that Jesus
was God in the flesh,
and that he gave his life
as a sacrifice for all mankind.
Great joy comes
from sitting alone with God
and sharing your burdens with him.
Great testimonies come
from living so securely in Christ,
that everyone around you
knows exactly where you stand.
Every disciple needs to build a strong,
unshakable faith in God and his Word.
Every disciple needs to build
their faith like a watchtower.


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