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To Be Surrounded By Song

When I refused
to confess my sin,
my body wasted away,
and I groaned all day long.
Day and night
your hand of discipline
was heavy on me.
My strength evaporated
like water in the summer heat.
I confessed all my sins to you
and stopped trying to hide
my guilt.
I said to myself,
“I will confess my rebellion
to the Lord.”
And you forgave me!
All my guilt is gone.
let all the godly pray to you
while there is still time,
that they may not drown
in the floodwaters of judgment.
For you are my hiding place;
you protect me from trouble.
You surround me with songs
of victory.
Psalm 32:3-7


Graphic Art
Cassell’s Illustrated Bible
Moses & The Flood
Summer 2012

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