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To Find Your Way Home

Genesis 2:7-9
Then the Lord God
formed the man
from the dust of the ground.
He breathed the breath of life
into the man’s nostrils,
and the man
became a living person.
Then the Lord God
planted a garden in Eden
in the east,
a place of utter delights—
and there he placed
the man he had made.
The Lord God
made all sorts of trees
grow up from the ground—
trees that were beautiful
and that produced delicious fruit.
In the middle of the garden
he placed the tree of life
and the tree of the knowledge
of good and evil.


Galveston, Texas
Pirates Beach
Spring 2018

The Gospel According to TØP
Trench  //  Nico And The Niners

We were created to live with God
in a garden of “utter delights.”
The world we currently reside in –
this temporary place polluted by
demons and war,
fear and shame,
pride and prejudice –
this is not our real home.

God is calling us back.
Back to His garden that was
planted in the east.
Back to the dawn.
Back to perfection.
Back to the truth.

We were deceived.
We deliberately did
what we knew was wrong.
And as a result,
we forfeit our birthright.
But God has made a way back
by sending his only Son
as a blood sacrifice
to pay for our mistakes.

Where are you deliberately
choosing darkness over light;
satan over God?
Turn around.
Go back.
Head toward truth.
Head for home.

Where did you find this Sevenapples prayer card?

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